Why Rainbow Six Siege is Popular Lately?

Rainbow Six Siege is definitely one of the favorite tactical FPS games there is, along with original Insurgency. It’s a very good game, runs also well without any issues, and there isn’t many cheaters like on CSGO, which i got bored of after 400 hrs. This game does have steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun.

Likes :

-Very fun
-It’s not that expensive hence price drop
-Not hard to get into
-Gunplay is great
-Has both PvP and PvE elements
-Constant free updates

Dislikes :

-Well, community can be a little bit whiny and toxic, but other than that, it’s awesome and fantastic game. Uplay isn’t that a problem for me since it’s not that bad like it used to be .

This game, in most people’s opinion, is one of must have games in your Steam library. Absolutely worth it.

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