Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Mira Placement: Outback Map

In this guide, one of the new Mira placements for Rainbow Six Siege’s map, which is Outback, will be introduced for our visitors. According to players, Outback Map is so enjoyable. So  I hope you have fun!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Mira Placement: Outback Map

2F Laundry/2F Games Room

Located in the laundry room bomb site, watches over the stairs and people entering from the balcony door. Reinforce the hatch to prevent people from opening up line of sights onto you and your window. Although the rest of the floor is soft anyway but at least you have the steel beams to protect you somewhat.

I have vaulted up onto the counter to get a high angle and a great clear line of sight, although from here you can’t see the balcony door.

Having this doorway castled or someone playing back here will be needed otherwise attackers can sneak in from behind.

Located in laundry room bomb site, watches over back stairs and the bunk rooms.

Consider opening this wall up so you can see anyone pushing in.

Located in games room watches over people entering from the bull room and party room and coming up from shark stairs, consider opening the party room wall.

A risky window to use but if you can castle the doorway behind you and or hold the bull area, this window can be quite good to watch over shower areas where a lot of people push in.

So it looks a bit odd 😉 but an interesting way to hold down the shower area and watch over the games room and the stairs, remember though you are somewhat exposed to the windows behind you.

2F Party Room/2F Office

You could hold down both the office and bull room from here, remember though to the east there is that window that leads to the corridor just behind site.

Located in the office lets you watch over people pushing up the stairs and entering from the garage catwalks, from this angle though you can’t get them without exposing yourself. So if you place it on the other side you can do both.

Located in party room watches over office and anyone entering from garage catwalk. You’re pretty safe here provided bull room/shark stairs is being covered so no one sneaks up behind.

You could use both or 1 of these, the purpose is to hold down the bull room, bull room window and games room. All of these areas see a lot of traffic.

I really would recommend opening up these lines of sight as you can see so much more, attackers really will think twice about approaching.

1F Nature Room/1F Bushranger Room

Located in the closet let’s you watch over B site, it’s a bit squeezed in here. You could place it on the other wall or even place it on soft wall which I think is best.

I wouldn’t say use both but pick one.

Located in nature room watches over the hallway from the bar area and the lower part of the stairs, the rooms and connecting corridors to the south though leave you quite exposed so keep that in mind.

This is a great mira I’ve been having good success with so far, the fridge door is 100% bulletproof and with the added shield you have good protection. Lot’s of attackers once they find this bomb site have been changing spawn and rushing into the outside door and thermiting open this wall, so holding it or at least preventing that is good.

1F Compressor Room/1F Gear Store

Located in gear store watches over the meal/bar area.

I feel this is a must have window if you’re hoping to hold down this area, the attackers can spawn at the gas station and rush into this area.

Watches over the kitchen area, it can be a tad hard to hit targets because of how much stuff is in the kitchen area but you may be able to stop a hard breacher coming to do some damage.

Located in the beer fridge gives you another angle to watch over the meals area, consider using another mira on the south wall so you can watch your flank.

If you use any of the windows inside the site just remember that the entire ceiling is soft and attackers can open up heaps of angles to shoot down. Consider having someone play upstairs to cover it.

In this guide, we prepared a guide about Mira Placement: Outback Map in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game. For more info, please click here to go sources of the guide.

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