To Light: Ex Umbra Guides


  1. Choose your difficulty. This guide follows the Normal Mode without telling to much about the story.
  2. Talk to every NPC or check on books etc. after each step through the main story – those litte comments are worth reading.
  3. You don’t have to grind until your level cap – you will propably reach it near the end of the main story. 
  4. It is possible to enter the Colosseum after a sidequest but you should really wait until you obtain a certain accessory near the end of the main game. 
  5. Some animations need many ressources of your graphic card and can cause a terrible lag – disable FPS sync and the battle camera for better performance.
  6. You can escape anytime out of a battle as long it is no forced/mandatory fight – those fights are mentioned here. That will help you to fast run through lagging maps.
  7. I will mention when you can start a sidequest. In the chapter sidequest you can see what is needed to solve them.
  8. Some maps contain easy to medium difficult riddles – look here when you are stuck.
  9. You have a bestiary in your menu. In there you can look up the strength/weaknesses of the normal monsters, the items/money you can steal or they drop (the item has to be dropped at least once). For bosses I will provide some tipps.
  10. I divided the main story to chapters for this guide for easier navigation.

PrologueBlue ForestItems: 3 Potions & Dented Ring; Potion, Antidote & Eye Drops; 100 Gold; Ether; 125 Gold; 3 Antidotes; Dented Ring; 3 Antidotes; 4 Revival Teas; 2 Ethers

You take control of Emmett and Rhett. Go through the tutorials. The tutorial battle consists of 2 bats and a bee. Follow the chicken and gather all items on this hunt. 
Now you can go to the eastern part of the forest. Follow the chicken further and encounter stronger monsters. 
Use the 3rd Save Crystal to heal and save! Rush to Rhett. 

Boss Alpha, Carnis Mortificus: Get rid of the wolves first and then use Rhett’s surge skill on the boss. If your Surge is full, attack the boss first.
Save again!
Boss ???: Lower the attack and defeat it. Emmett’s surge skill is very effective.
Leave the forest.

Ecclesia CastleExplore the castle and investigate everything (books, shelves, pictures). Some parts are connected like a book in the council chamber and the library. Witness the scene in the throne room. When you have been anywhere, rest in Aria’s chamber.
Enter the dining room (ground floor, right). At night talk to all awake NPCs again and go to bed. Then go upstairs. 

Kingdom of EcclesiaTalk to the Handyman to start “The Handyman”. Try to talk to the senile old man but you just have a weird conversation. Go west.
Talk to the Rebellious Youth to start “Pure Research”. Talk to the Upset Mother to start “For the Children”. Talk to the Gold Panner further west to get 200 Gold. 
Buy better weapons and perhaps some accessories (but not for Rhett). 
When you are ready enter the castle.
Follow Aria.

Boss ???: Repeat the tactic from the last one. Once Reese and Aria join, start with buffing.

Talk with the guard at the west gate.

Boss Larissa, The Corrupted: You cannot win this fight.The ChaseEcclesiaExplore the castle and notice the changed reactions on the furniture. Meet Aria in the study. Talk to Drake in the throne room.
Upgrade your equipment in the town. You can grind for money in the Blue Forest. The Gold Panner will give you another 200 Gold. Leave through the west gate.

Aplar LowlandsItems: Potion; 350 Gold; 3 Peppermint Leaves; 3 Potions; Anti-Venom Amulet; Hi Potion; Water Amulet (hidden near the chest with the Hi Potion); 2 Ethers; Calming Bangles; Visor; Silver Ring; Defender (hidden behind a tree near the Silver Ring); Hunter’s Bow; Elixir

Maura joins. Prepare at the 3rd Save Crystal. 

Boss Splendridia, Wings of Entice: (7500 HP, 300 MP, resists Wind, immune to Earth) Cast your surge skills but save Aria’s for emergencies. Then start (de)buffing and use your special skills. 

FuaretteTalk to the Rugged Adventurer to start “Bundle Up”. The Handyman has “The Handyman 2” for you.
Enter the general store and buy some Thaw Berries. Follow the shop keeper to the locked hut. In there you find Burning Knifes
Check in the inn. Return to Aveline and she joins your party.

The PassItems: 3 Thaw Berries; 1350 Gold; Silver Ring; 2 Hi Potions & 3 Revival Teas; Speed Badge; Marrow Tangs; Adept Earrings (behind a tree); Insulated Boots; Gold Choaker; Ice Amulet

To reach the chest near the waterfall, jump up the rocks. Heal/Save and Kaleb joins. 

The Pass – CavernsItems: 5 Thaw Berries; 3 Sonic Herbs; Silver Ring (East); Necklace of Resonance; Focus Ribbon; X-Potion; Burning Bow; 2500 Gold; Burning Brand; Burning Text; Power Wristband; Burning Spear (after boss); Mega Potion (outside)

Push the boulders into the holes. On the map with the little caverns take the east exit first. 
Next push the boulders on the ice plates and jump on them. You need to push all boulders into the big crack. Tipp: near the crack push the boulder first full up, then east etc. Once it is on the same place as the first boulder you can push it further east. Save and follow Kaleb. 

Boss Crystolem, Slumbering Titan: (14.000 HP, 500 MP, Weak to fire, resists physical, absorbs ice) Steal a Silver Ring and 1600 Gold, cast NulFrost to protect against Blizzaga. He drops another Silver Ring.

Time to leave the cavern. Now you can return to the other cavern entrance and find a Burning Wandnear the entrance.

SodorahAfter your warm welcome, talk to the Handyman to start his 3rd quest (The Handyman 3). Upgrade your equipment. The Concerned Cat Lady starts the “Runaways”.
Rest at Kaleb’s.

Lybel WastelandItems: 3 Remedies; 1500 Gold; Bracelet of Mobility; Wild Recurve; Adept’s Earrings; Luck Charm; Guard’s Lance; Fire Amulet; Elixir; Insomnia Charm; 5 Thyme; Royal’s Staff (next to the fortress)

Equip other weapons than the fire ones. Heal/Save at the well.

Temple of AnomiaItems: 3 Calming Oils; Gold Choaker; 5 Shock Roots

Steal Deliverance Blooms from the Harpies!
First riddle room: 
The 2nd chain opens the right door. Chain #3 the middle door and #4 (same corridor) opens the left one of the upper doors. Return to the middle door and the chain #5 opens the upper middle door containing the Crystal Shards. Chain #6 opens the left door. Pull chain #7 to open the right door. Pull Chain #8 and get the Turbo-Ether. Further up is chain #9 which opens the remaining lower left door containing the Platinum Blade
Second riddle room: 
Chain #1 to the left opens a door to the right containing Swift Shoes and chain #2. Enter the corridor left next to the Save Crystal. Get the Cursed Arrows and pull chain #3. Enter the corridor to the bottom left and pull chain #4. Enter the corridor right next to the Save Crystal, get 3 Deliverance Blooms and pull chain #5. Enter the corridor to the far west and pull chain #6 as well as #7 in the corridor to the far east. Save/heal and investigate the statue. Now all doors are open. 
Third riddle room: 
Investigate the big statue, then the eastern and last the western one in time. You can escape the battles with x/esc. Repeat with the next big statue (=1). The numbers indicate the location of the next small gargoyle.
Items: Lightning Amulet; 2500 Gold
10 3 6 1 9 4 2 5 7 8 11The last statue triggers a battle with all native monsters. 
Take the Magus Code and heal/save. 

Boss Larissa, Mistress of Anomia: (7500 HP, 275 MP) The first run is fairly easy. Don’t use your surges.

Boss Larissa: (3500 Gold, 17500 HP, 375 MP, weak to light, absorbs dark) Use Deliverance Blooms to cure Cursed. Maura’s surge is really effective as long as you combine it with her strongest special skills..ElionEcclesiaKaleb is running in front of the Council (notice the book in there), Aria is in the study. You will find Reese in front of his home, then return to the throne room and talk to Drake. Follow Aria to the West Gate.

Mt. ZayithItems: Shining Daggers; Shining Bow; Gold Ring; Black Belt; Mage’s Earrings; Shining Saber; Earth Amulet; Shining Script; 5 Shock Roots; Shining Javelin; Mage’s Collar; Shining Scepter; Strategist’s Pin 

This climb has many up and downs. But there is only one path to the top.
Save before you go through the gate. 

Boss Shalem, Terror of the Summit: (25.000 HP, 220 MP, Gold Ring) Drops another Gold Ring.

Enter the hut. 

EcclesiaEnter the castle. 

Path of YasharGo west and take the Sapphire, what starts “The Sword”. Return to the beginning. Go through the gate. Take the Citrine (“The Spear”) and go through the next gate. 
Go west and find the Ruby (“The Scepter”). Go through the red gate. Take the Amber (“The Book”) and return to the Save Crystal. Go south and go through the orange gate. Take the Pearl (“The Daggers”) and return to the Save Crystal (use it!). Go north through the grey gate. (Rec. Lev. 63 with Aria!!!)

Boss Edah, Guardian of the Way: (Surge Sash, 32.500 HP, 375 MP, weak to dark, immune to earth and absorbs light) During Phase it is totally immune. Use this time to heal your MP. Without Aria’s Curaja this battle will be nearly impossible.

Save, unequip Reese and go further.The VeilTower of EnmityMap 1: Reach the pavillion in the center and defeat the Felaxe, Earth Essence and Petratoise. You obtain a Terra Crystal but no EXP/Gold.
Map 2: You can go back but have to fight again to go further. 
Defeat the Black Bear, Water Essence and Stag. You obtain a Tidal Crystal. 
Map 3: Spherventis, Wind Essence, Gale Knight. You obtain a Sky Crystal. 
Map 4:↑←↑←↑←↓→↑→↓→↑←↓→↓→↓→↓←↑←↓→↑←↑←↑Defeat Gelbat, Ice Essence, Albeti. You obtain an Arctic Crystal.
Map 5: Touch the orbs in the right order (clockwise to 12/1 at the top):2; 9; 4; 12; 5; 10; 3; 7; 11; 6; 8; 1Defeat the Lightning Essence, Armaphantus and Gisantum. You obtain a Storm Crystal.
Map 6: Defeat Infernavon, Fire Essence and Magmadon. You obtain a Sun Crystal.
Map 7: Save! 

Boss Reese: Weak to light and absorbs dark.

Reese is back and you obtain an Onyx (“The Bow”). You start the “Light Bearer” quest.
You learn how to teleport at the Save Crystals.

Ecclesia – DayHandyman has another quest for you (“Handyman 4”). Talk to the Gold Panner to start “Gold Rush”.

Ecclesia – NightMeet the Young Lover near the Blacksmith and start the “Young Lover” quest.

SodorahThe Slacking Student wants to be a “Star Student” and the Collector starts the “Collector”.

The VeilItems: 5 Deliverance Blooms (Map1), 5 Sonic Herbs (Map2); Black Belt (Map2), 5 Peppermint Leaves (Map3); Bow of Light (Map3)

Touch the light orbs for items. Other orbs contain forced battles (each map / teleporter) and others are teleporters. Free all lights!
Map2 west of Map1.
Map3 east of Map1. Same. Return to Map1 an go north to Map5.

West teleporter 1: Miracle Tea, Rod of Light
West teleporter 2: Mage’s Collar
West teleporter 3: Repellant, Megalixir, Sword of Light
East teleporter 1: Rose Hairpin, Daggers of Light, Codex of Light
East teleporter 2: 3 Remedies, Surge Sash, Lance of Light
East teleporter 3

There are more lights captured on Map5.
The next Save Crystal marks the point of no return.

Final Boss Drake: 28.500 HP, 450 MP, weak to light, absorbs dark. Don’t waste your surges.
Final Boss Umbra: 50.000 HP, 500 MP, weak to light, absorbs dark. Give it all you got.SidequestsThe HandymanEcclesia Kingdom
Get the right parts from the smithy. Reward: 300 Gold

For the ChildrenEcclesia Kingdom
The Joyful Kid has extra water. Reward: 3 Sonic Herbs.

Pure ResearchEcclesia Kingdom
Peppermint Leaves and Sonic Herbs can be bought at the item shop or found at the Aplar Lowlands. Shock Roots can be bought at Fuarette. Reward: Revival Tea

Bundle UpFuarette
Find the Insulated Boots in the Pass. Reward: 3 Thaw Berries & 3 Hi Potions

The Handyman 2Fuarette
You need Kaleb in your party. Reward: Gold Choaker

The Handyman 3Sodorah
Bring the oil to the house in Ecclesia. After you have oiled the door, return. That opens the Colosseum.

Miles at a fire (next to Rude Blacksmith), Mindy hot air (sewer lid), Martin loves the cold (back at the Pass). Listen to the miau. Reward 3000 Gold

The SwordTalk to the old man in front of the Colosseum in Sodorah. You have to win rank 1. 

The ScepterTalk to the Naturist to obtain a Memorial Buquet. Near the Hut you find a glittering path. Get the Broken Branch and return. You obtain the Olive Branch.

The BowTalk to the Reminiscing Girl (Ecclesia – Day). Find Flax Flowers in Ecclesia (near Gold Panner), Blue Forest (South), Aplar Lowlands (map before the boss), Mt. Zayith (use teleport and go through the first cave) and a Blue Solanum (in front of the council chamber). You obtain the Flawless Bowstring.

The SpearTalk to the NPC near the Throne Room (Ecclesia Day). Go to Sodorah and find the hunter (near the exit). Slay the monster (glitter on 3rd map of Lybel Wasteland) and find the spearhead.

Boss Lybel Menace, Predator Supreme: (7500 Gold, 25.000 HP)

The DaggersTalk to the Shopkeeper of Fuarette. You need 500.000 Gold. You obtain the Twin Shards.

The BookTalk to the Book Keeper in the study (Ecclesia Day). 
Locations: Drake’s Chamber, Aria’s Chamber 2x, desk in front of throne room, at the item shop (outside), Attentive Mother (crossing), Stable Hand (east gate)
You obtain the Ancient Text.

Light BearerUse the gems in the menu after you have all materials. You obtain the Ring of Light. 

The Handyman 4Ecclesia – Day
Revisit the Temple of Anomia. You find the Vest on the 2nd map. Return to the Handyman and obtain the Safety Vest. 

Gold RushEcclesia – Day
Talk to the Wishing Man, then to the Realistic Woman and again to the Man. Report to the Gold Panner and obtain Midas Gauntlet.

Young LoverEcclesia – Night
You find him in the Fuarette Inn. You receive a Gold Ring. Bring it to his girlfriend.

Star StudentSodorah
Bring her a piece of Armosaurus in the Lybel Wastland. You obtain the Pupil Badge.

In the snowstorm (teleport). Return and obtain the Hoarder’s Gloves.ColosseumNote: You can enter fairly early but it is recommended to wait until you have the Mida’s Gauntlet!
You can rematch you opponents, but the steal/exp/drop will be only 20% and you won’t get another reward.
You can obtain some unique healing items – save them for the last optional boss!

RankMonsterSteal/DropReward25Goblin Chieftain500 GoldEther24Vesperdae600 Gold2 Hi Potions23Frostling700 Gold2 Thaw Berries22Momba800 GoldAnti-Venom Amulet21Blue Horn900 Gold5 Peppermint Leaves20White Rabbit1000 Gold3 Revival Teas19Rosote1150 Gold5 Calming Oils18Green Guardian1300 GoldPower Wristband17Shadallow1450 GoldSilver Ring16Glacial Nymph1600 GoldMage’s Collar15Temptress1750 GoldX-Potion14Killer Wasp2000 GoldSwift Shoes13Nightmare2250 GoldInsomnia Charm12Tonasphere2500 GoldNecklace of Resonance11Aurum2750 GoldBlackbelt10Azulima3000 GoldElixir9Fatalaxe3500 GoldVisor8Widow4000 GoldBracelet of Mobility7Abysmape4500 Gold3 Turbo Ethers6Crystadon5000 Gold3 X-Potion5Armahemoth6000 GoldMiracle Tea4Chroma (weak to dark, absorbs other elements)7000 GoldMegalixir3Dark Knight8000 GoldMarkman’s Glove2Elder Tortoise9000 GoldAssassin’s Headband1Deborah, Legendary Warrior (30.000 HP, 400 MP)10.000 GoldForgotten BladeEpilogueTalk to all NPC in all towns.
For the last sidequests you have to finish all other sidequests.

Champions of Light(Sodorah)
RankMonsterSteal/DropRewardSilverMaluna, Winged Abomination (55.000 HP, 525 MP, resists wind, immune to earth)20.000 GoldHealer’s RibbonGoldSpectrax, Dipolar Colossus (75.000 HP, 600 MP, absorbs fire/ice)35.000 GoldGuardian’s ShieldDiamondNoctavum, Scourge of the Night (95.000 HP, 750 MP, weak to light, resists dark)50.000 GoldArchmage’s CloakLightEdam, Keeper of Light (125.000 HP, 875 MP, weak to dark, immune to earth, absorbs light)
Phase makes it immune65.000 GoldSwordman’s BracerReward: Robe of Light

Ex UmbraMeet it in the boss room of the Veil.

Final Boss Ex Umbra: (200.000 HP, 1.000 MP, weak to light, absorbs dark, 100.000 Gold)
Aria should focus on healing and dispelling Umbra’s buffs. Cast Lux only when it is safe. He can inflict all status ailments on the party and Oblivion is really strong. Use Remedy and the unique healing items from the Colosseum.

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