Ring of Elysium – Should You Try?

This game is Battle Royale done right!

Good connection to Asian server unlike other BRs other there (Average around 135ms from Australia)
Very easy to solo queue & most of the randoms I play with aren’t clowns. looking at you, Apex Legends. 

Has 3 different equipments you can choose when starting a round
Netcode & arcade gunplay is spot on
It just works.

– Also menu OST is freaking amazing, really pumps me up for next round.

The only problem I have is

– Needs Oceania servers so I don’t have to join high ping US server for some random squad chat

Needs the 1st snow map to be in regular rotation so I can cry everytime, it reminds me of Takayama & White Album. I already played the hell out of the new map.

Not enough replayability & rewards u get are mostly meh.

Optimization isn’t great on strong modern hardware since the the engine is only 32bit atm if I recall.
It’s only uses around 60& of my GPU & only getting around 70fps W/ i7 8600k at 4.7Ghz

So overall, give a shot at this free to play game. It will be too much fun.

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