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PUBG: Estimating Distance/Bullet Drop With Every Rifles (2 ways)

As you all know, PUBG have some decent bullet drop and velocity depending on the ammo and riffle you’re using. The bullet drop is suprisingly close to reality.

There are 2 easy ways to estimate distance, by this very fact will also give you bullet drop estimations (while zeroing your scope).

Basic information

Take notes on all of these:

  • There’s no windage/deflection/penetration effect on bullet (yet)
  • There’s no magic way to be a good shooter, practice and learn the basics to ”get gud”
  • Bullet drop is affected by: velocity of the riffle, ammo used and range of your target

Zero’ing your scope

Once you found out what distance your target is, press ”Page Up / Page Down” on your keyboard to zero your scope to the perfect distance.

Hold Breath

Use your left shift key to steady your aim while shooting

Unscoped with Bolt-action snipers

If you fire with a bolt action riffle, after shooting it will automaticly unscope, which is a pain if you want to see the bullet splash to correct your aim. HOLD LEFT CLICK and it wont happen!


Estimating Distance with – SCOPES

Has you know scopes are really usefull to; see your target from further distances which means better aiming, but it also helps you to figure out the distance your target is! Yep, you read that right, let me explain you guys.
pubg-estimationACOG’S (a.k.a x4 Scope)

”The ACOG, also known as the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, is a series of telescopic sights. The sight offers magnification levels from 1.5x to 6x, and has an internal phosphor system to provide night-time lighting. The version used in the game is a model that also has a light pipe on top of the sight itself for daytime reticle illumination. []

This scope is probably the best to use to estimate distances over mid-range and long-range engagements.

acog bullet dropThe chevrons in the scopes aren’t there for esthetic, it has a use for it. You can use them to estimate distance to then zero your scope to the exact distance you’ll need.

  • The very tip of the chevron 0-100m
  • The inside of the chevron at the top of the legs 200m
  • The bottom of the legs 300m
  • The the line below chevrons 400m
  • Every line below is an addition 100m.

TAKE NOTES: As long as the weapon is zerod for 100m, you can use all of these points to aim with at their respective ranges without having to zero your scope for higher distances.

As you can can see in the image, you use the chevrons with the shoulders of your target to rangefind.


You can use the Acog as a rangefinder then switch to your x8 or even x15, zero your scope to the distance then SHOOT! If you,re playing duo’s or Squad. Always have a ”spotter”, he’ll have the x4 ACOG get the distance for the team (i suggest on a SKS or M16).




Estimating Distance with – THE MAP

mini mapMini-Map

The one and only famous MiniMap. If you’re unlucky enough to don’t find any x4 scopes here’s some quick tips on how to use your mini map and your map to figure out distances.
Your mini-map is 400mx400m which means 200m on each side of your player marker. This is an easy quick guide to distance. Just look at your minimap to figure out where is your target at, ajust your scope then shoot! Here’s a picture to show you what i mean:

Its easy and quick to do so for short and mid-range distance. but what about mid-long to long range distance? I have something else for you Mr. Sniper.

The whole Map

Before starting to talk about the other way to distance foes with the map you need to know;

  • The map is 8km X 8km
  • Every yellow squares on the maps are 1km X 1km
  • White squares are 100m X 100m

From the 2 ways i’m going to show you with the maps, this is my favorite one because you can use it for every distance.

As you see someone, open your map using the ”M” key. Find exactly where on your map your enemy is and mark it. Once marked count the white squares in between you and him, zero the scope and shoot. It’s quick, efficient and you can do it by yourself without a squad.

pubg full map

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