Harengar Game Tricks and Review

By someone who actually played this game for a “couple of hours” the opinion should be thrown. This game was bought some years ago, played it a bit. Then just let it collect some dust in my library for bout a year, then played it again. And Oh boy, I played the living hell out of it. I enjoyed it, because of the small playerbase which knew each other (Greetings if anyone read this review). I really liked the mechanics, which purely depended on Skill, because there is no levels, or better swords, or whatever. I wasn’t that good, not horrible, but not that good (even after 400 hours, gosh some people still destroyed me). Though I really enjoyed those close fights, going head to head, even if I lost, because,”love” it was a good fight. And then, the Update came. I was not prepared for it. It changed some things, some for the better, but mostly, it ruined my Game. They modified the ranges, which totally threw my feeling for it, which I acquired over all those game hours, off. Couldn’t hit anything anymore. Now, okay, I thought “Well just try to get the feeling back” but welp. 50 hours later, and still no change. I kinda gave up. And now, seeing that this games Free to Play isn’t even that well received… I guess I will say goodbye. It has been a great Time, a Fun time, a frustrating time, there were times where I gave up, times i pulled through, times I learned new moves and mostly just wonderful times. Its been a fun ride, Blade Symphony, but i guess, this is the End. See ya.
But hold on there buddy. Thats not a review, you say? Well, technically yes.
So here is some reviewish (?) Advice: “Just try that “love” for some hours, its fun.” It also really helps your Gaming Esteem when you wipe the ground with some guy that normally is way better than you. 
Have fun folks.

Whoa, this Game is loaded with Players since the Free to play Update. Oh my gosh, never seen that many in Blade Symphony. I played it shortly after writing this review, just to say goodbye to it, some last duels. But it seems like I just can’t leave. Way too many memories, too much time spent, and so many good fights. I can’t let go, so I will continue playing it, from time to time, whenever I feel like it. I wont be on as much as before, but still sometimes.

You’ll like this game a lot.

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